History & Culture


Visit the Fortified Churches of Transylvania & other UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Transylvania currently has one of the highest numbers of fortified churches dating back from between the 13th and the 16th centuries. Out of more than 150 well preserved fortified churches, seven of them together with the villages they are part of have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The villages have been founded by Transylvania Saxons and are organized according to a specific settlement pattern that has been preserved since the late Middle Ages and that can also be observed in Meșendorf.

We recommend you visit the UNESCO fortified churches closest to Meșendorf, but also admire the imposing fortified church right next door to us.

  • Saschiz Fortified Church (18 km / 20 min away from Meșendorf)

  • Viscri Fortified Church (18 km / 30 min away from Meșendorf)

  • Darjiu Fortified Church (44 km / 1h away from Meșendorf)

  • Biertan Fortified Church (68km / 1h away from Meșendorf)

The Historic Centre of Sighisoara, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is close-by as well (38 km / 35 min away from Meșendorf). Spend a day exploring one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe!


Explore authentic rural life and culture in a traditional Saxon village

Village life is rich in traditions and offers the visiting guest numerous opportunities to explore life lived according to old customs and to the laws and rhythms of nature.

There are numerous activities that you can take part in the village. Please let us know what you are interested in and we will try to make the necessary arrangements, but bear in mind that availability might vary according to the season and to the schedule of the locals. Advance booking is generally needed.

  • Horse-drawn cart trips (all year) - explore the surrounding villages and hills and admire the scenery in the slow rhythm of the horse-drawn cart

  • Visit to the sheepfold (from May to September) - meet the shepherds and taste local, organic cheeses right from their source

  • Truffle hunt (from September to December) - join the guides and their trained dogs in the search for truffles through the surrounding villages

 Texts by Mesendorf Gasthaus.