Rich Biodiversity

Meșendorf is located in the Tarnava Mare area, a designated Natura 2000 European protected area (part of a coordinated network of Europe's most valuable and threatened species and habitats).

This unspoiled natural area is home to a rich selection of wildlife such as deer, fox or wild boar, but also to many species threatened in Europe and protected by the EU, such as wolf, bear or wild cat. The area is also a paradise for bird watching, the ambitious bird lovers having a chance to admire up to 55 bird species threatened in Europe, including the sparrow-hawk, goshawk or the corncrake.

Ancient oak and beech forests together with wildflower-rich meadows and pastures surround the tranquil villages developed around imposing fortified churches. This is an area where traditional farming is carried out in balance with nature and medicinal plants are plentiful and widely used in everyday life.

All this makes the Tarnava Mare area a natural paradise of international importance.

Here you will discover Meșendorf, one of the most peaceful and authentic villages in the area. Away from the busy, national road and located at the end of the local, country road, Meșendorf is protected from noise and stress and integrates perfectly with nature.



  • relaxing nature walks
  • hiking through the surrounding hills
  • bird watching
  • bear watching
  • star gazing

Please be respectful of all animals and plants and support sustainable travel. Enjoy the area while adhering to the "leave no trace" principle.

Texts by Meșendorf Gasthaus.