The Property

At Mesendorf Gasthaus you will stay in a traditional Saxon household from the charming village of Mesendorf, in the heart of Transylvania. Organized around a generous inner yard and composed of a main, large house with tall, wooden ceilings, and various annexes, the property has been carefully restored so as to preserve Saxon heritage and offer our guests comfort and relaxation.

The old house

Built in 1919, the old house shares the traditional Saxon architecture in the area. It has been recently restored with care and respect for the rich cultural Saxon heritage and, now, it can welcome guests in four beautifully-designed rooms that combine tradition with today's comfort (the apartment, the big room and the two rooms in the loft). The carefully crafted furniture and items of interior design contribute to an overall feeling of coziness and relaxation.
In addition, guests can relax in the hunters' lounge. If you want to know more about our sustainable hunting philosophy and love for the forests, we are happy to have a chat!

the new house

Built more recently, the new house in the courtyard follows the beauty and simplicity of the Saxon architecture. The new house is divided into 3 accommodation spaces which complete the landscape without interfering with the authenticity of the place. The 3 rooms combine local crafted materials with a playful design that make them perfect for families with small kids. The inner stairway to the small attic creates an ideal space for children or groups of friends.

The magical barn

The magical barn is a space where the old meets the new in the best way to preserve the cultural and historical value of this architectural gem. More than 100 years old,  the Saxon barn has been preserved in its original form with the help of a "wooden chamber" that is now hosting the dining room, a space where guests can experiment the delicious, local cuisine blending Romanian, Saxon and Hungarian influences in a spectacular feast of flavors.  The best part is yet to come: you can climb on top of the dining room to admire the structure, smell the wood and feel immersed into the history of the place. Be sure not to miss the construction year inscribed on one of the large, wooden beams.

Did you know that .... The Village Museum in Bucharest displays a wood barn from Meșendorf built in 1864 as an iconic representation of Saxon architecture?

the garden

As you might expect from a Saxon house, Mesendorf Gasthaus hides a beautiful inner yard, where you can enjoy a drink or a good book from spring till autumn, or play in the snow during winter. Behind the magical barn there also lies a large orchard from where you can access the hills and forests right behind the guest house. Children will love it!

This is the best place for daydreaming and night sky exploration. If you enjoy astronomy, the sky of Mesendorf will definitely amaze you!