Whether you are interested in discovering tradition and UNESCO world heritage monuments,  taking relaxing nature walks or practicing some adventurous sports,  the Meșendorf surroundings have plenty to offer. Allow us to be your guide for the region!



Recharge your batteries in the middle of nature! Get off the beaten track and explore the beauties of the Transylvanian landscape, an abundance of flora and fauna, including many nationally and internationally endangered species.


 History & Culture

Discover the medieval landscape of the area, its unique heritage, gastronomy and cultural diversity! A variety of events take place in the triangle between Brașov - Sighișoara - Sibiu throughout the year, which you will definitely enjoy.



Support sustainable travel! Explore the area by bike - 100 km of bike trails connect the surrounding Saxon villages and the medieval town of Sighișoara. Or you might prefer trekking, practicing yoga or sustainable hunting.